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Mike Snow at Meridian

Tue 17 Jun 2014


PGA Pro and Part-Time Golf Manager


We are delighted to welcome ‘Mike Snow’ who has joined the Team here at Meridian.

Mike has been a PGA Pro for over 17 years—and for the last 10 years has been working in the Cambridgeshire area.

 Mike has a strong reputation as both a Golf Coach and Golf

Organiser and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and

experience about the golf business and the golf game.  He has also worked on the Senior European Tour.

 Mike lists his interests as travel, fitness, golf event

organisation and he thrives on bringing people together through the

wonderful game of golf.

 He specialises in group coaching and video analysis, so you will see him and his many pupils around the Clubhouse and on the Practice ground at Meridian.

 His main role at the club will be ‘Anything to do with golf’.

 If you have any questions, then please introduce yourselves to Mike as I know he is anxious to meet as many of you as possible.


Jenny Wisson