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Juniors Luca & Lila-Belle have a great start to the year

Juniors Luca & Lila-Belle have a great start to the year

Tue 23 May 2017

Some of you from the club may already have met Luca, but Lila-Belle has only been a member for a short time.  Both of them have been playing in the Super Six series of events with the British Junior Golf Tour throughout the start of the golfing season, with round two being held here at Meridian.  Most events have had around 90 young juniors taking part from around the country, with some players even travelling from as far as Germany, France and Switzerland.

Well, we are pleased to say that Luca won the order of merit, with Lila-Belle finishing second.  Well done to you both.

Luca and Lila-Belle have got very busy schedules coming up.

Luca is taking part in the European Championships in Scotland, then to Portugal for the Ocianic World Championships, then off to Italy for the US Kids Golf Italian Championships.

Lila-Belle is off to California for the IMG World Championships in July.

They both have many more UK tournaments over the year to play, so if you see either of them on the course, say hi, and wish them luck.